Busy Bags: Popsicle Puzzles

3 Mar

I’ve seen these all over PInterest and Etsy and decided I needed to add them to my busy bag collection.

This craft is easily done with just pictures, modge podge, jumbo craft sticks, and a xacto knife.

I found animal clip art online, and printed them from Word 2010. You can use animals, numbers, actual family photos, shapes, or even words.


Cut your photo to a good square or rectangle, to fit on the craft sticks. You can also cut the actual shape out, like you can see above in the top left corner of the photo. However, in the end, I felt the other puzzles were more well put together than the monkey.

I decided to use my 9×9 cake pan to position the craft sticks evenly and to keep them in place. I placed the craft sticks in the pan and painted the back of my pictures with modge podge, then attached the picture to the sticks. Once the photo was in place, I painted the top of the photo with modge podge to help protect and put it in place.




I then took the puzzle out of the cake pan and sat it on the counter to dry. Once try I took an xacto knife to the front and cut between the sticks. 

Image Image Image

This is where the nice looking picture turns a little ugly, because the knife isn’t 100% accurate or steady, but a toddler wont care too much.

I have also seen where people cut the photo into strips, and then attach the strips to the sticks. Either way works, but these didn’t take too long once I got started. 

These puzzles fit perfectly into snack size ziploc bags. I made 6 puzzles, put each in their own snack bag, and was able to fit all into a sandwich size ziploc bag. Great for storage!




Busy Bags: Threading Snake

3 Mar

Hello again! 

Now that my daughter is up running around and getting into everything. I decided it is time for her to have a few busy bags, and possibly a quiet book. Busy bags are activities for toddlers to do when you’re on a car trip, or waiting in a doctors office. Activities that have kids learning their colors / shapes and fine motor skills.

I’m going to create a few blog posts of the activities I’m working on.

The first project I’m working on is the threaded snake when shapes.

The materials needed are ribbon, buttons of 2 different sizes, a lighter, needle and thread, super glue / hot glue, and felt.
The felt and super glue are optional.


First cut your ribbon to the length you prefer and take your lighter and just lightly burn the cut edges of the ribbon. This will ensure it wont unravel later.


Take your buttons and sew one to each end of the ribbon.


Your snake is done, but if you wish to, you can trace your button on the felt, and super glue / hot glue that felt circle to your button, just to give it a backing.

Image Image

To make your shapes for the snake, you need felt and templates if you wish.

I printed off templates to make it easier in cutting the felt. If you did the same, pin the template onto your felt piece for easy cutting.
If you didn’t use templates, just cut away! :)


Once the shape is cut out, you will need to put a slit in the middle so you can thread it onto the ribbon.


Your slit will need to be big enough for the smaller button to easily fit through, but not big enough for the larger button.
The use of the larger button helps the shapes stay on the ribbon and not fall off the other end after the kids have threaded it.

Cut the rest of your shapes and you’re done!


Image Image

Clothes Dividers

26 Aug

Since we’re expecting our little one in November, some of my crafting ideas have changed!!

I’ve seen these on Etsy and Pinterest, but wanted to make my own because you can never find exactly what you’re wanting!!!:)

Here’s what you need:


Wooden Letter “O” from Hobby Lobby
Scrapbook Paper (1 sheet does 1 side of 4)
Number stickers (or use your Cricut / handwriting)
Modge Podge
White Paint & Paintbrush
X-acto knife for easier cutting


Start by painting the inner and outer edges of the wooden letters.


If you wanted to, you could choose to not paint the edges, if you want the wood left exposed. You can choose any color you wish, I went with white because it matched the paper and is a neutral color.

Next, you’ll need your trusty Modge Podge, and I painted one side of the wooden letter, then stuck it to the paper, but you could paint the paper then stick them together.


Sit them aside and let dry.

Once all are dry, use an x-acto knife to trim the paper.


You’ll need to repeat the last two steps again, if you are covering both sides with paper. However, if you are only covering one side, be sure to have painted the opposite side when you painted the edges, or you’ll need to do that now.


Once your letters are covered on both sides, take your adorable stickers and label each letter!

Here is what I labeled mine:

I labeled both sides of my letter.

Once labeled, you’re good to go. Hang them on your closet rod, and hang your clothes!




Herbs! It’s Spring Time!

31 Mar

My husband & I have decided to try our hands in planting some herbs this year… who knows how well it will go, but at least we’ll know for next year!

Here’s what I used:

Terra-Cotta Pots; painted
Stamps & Ink Pad
Construction Paper / Scrapbook Paper
Square punch out
Sticks (Popsicle stick style)
Super glue

First off, I painted my pots, but if you buy already prettied up pots, you can skip this step. I went cheap and made them pretty myself! :)

Next, I made my labels.

Grab your paper, and cut them to strips, of your liking. I probably did 2-3 inches long and .5″ wide.

Next, take your square punch and cut the corners at the angles, to create this cute design!!

 I used stamps I found in Walmart for $0.97 and stamped out the names of the herbs.

I apparently cut the strips to the size of my ink stamp lid, and was able to use the sticker on that as my guideline, to where my middle of the strip was.

After stamping, I started attaching the labels to the sticks.
The sticks I bought are called “Skinny Sticks” and I either got them at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.


I used my wonderful $0.97 super glue and dabbed a bit on the stick and attached the label!

Start planting!!! :)

And add your stick! And you’re done!!

Burlap Earring Holder

27 Mar

Have you seen those burlap earring holders on pinterest?

Have you wanted to know how to make one?

Well look no further!!

Here is what you need:

Heavy Starch
An Iron
Ironing Board
Hot Glue Gun / Glue

Cut your burlap to the size of the frame, and spray it with the heavy starch.

Iron the burlap, so it’s stiff.

Warm up the hot glue gun, and start gluing the burlap to the frame.
I glued one side, and pulled the parallel side tight and glued it down.

Then did the other sides. The glue will not be pretty, but it’s the back side, it will not be seen! :)

I used a hair dryer on cold, to speed up the drying process. Made the entire gluing process fly by.

Flip over, add ear rings, and hang!! :)

I choose an off-white burlap color, to match my make up board! :)

Happy Hot Gluing! :)

Spring Time Wreath

9 Mar

Who is ready for Spring?

I know I am!!!

Here is what you need:

Styrofoam Wreath (Hobby Lobby)
Lime Green Haute Fur (Hobby Lobby)
Push Pins / Sewing Pins
Flower Buttons

Start with your “yarn” and start wrapping around the wreath.. this will take you a while.
Just keep wrapping. I ended up using the entire strand.

The hardest part is over! You shouldn’t see any white (or whatever color your wreath is)

Take one of the flower buttons and one of the push pins, and stick the pin into the flower, and bend the pin, like you see in the picture below.

Poke the pin into the wreath, and arrange the flowers all over how you like them!

Voila! :]

Magnetic Makeup Holder / Frame

9 Mar

Here is what you need:

Magnets (I used strength level 6)
Hot Glue Gun
Piece of Metal (Hobby Lobby for $8.99)
Poster Board (Thick piece)
Utility Knife/Box Cutter
Spray Adhesive / Super Glue ((optional))

First things first, place your poster board in the corner of the frame, as you can see, the very corner of the poster board is in the very corner of the frame.

The frame was purchased at a thrift store, so no backing, so I had to make sure the poster board was perfect size, so no other steps were needed in securing it.

Trace the other two sides that need to be cut.

Use your box cutter (or scissors) and cut the two sides.

Now that you are ready to put your metal sheet on, you can go about this a few ways.

I intended to use hot glue, but my husband suggested my spray adhesive (Elmers, purchased at WalMart), and I ended up squirting some super glue ($0.97 at WalMart)  on the poster board and sprayed my metal sheet and threw it on there. It has seemed to work.

Warm up the glue gun, and secure your fabric on the back side. Make sure you pull it tight!!!!

You wont need MUCH glue for your magnets, but you do want to make sure there is enough, for those heavier items.

I placed one magnet on each item, even the ones I thought I would need two. My husband had a valid point to put just one, and I can always add another…. He was right (but don’t tell him I said that!)

Finished product! :) I will be hanging it sometime.

I still have to do the electrical for my vanity, before it can be hung… but we did the shake test, and only one item moved. So one magnet works! (Again, I used strength 6! A lower strength level may require more than 1 magnet!)